Dear colleagues

For the first time Monitoring conference will be held online, it is a great opportunity to look into the future today, learn new communication technologies and get the skill of remote interaction with colleagues from around the world.

Such format will allow more participants to take part in the conference, and you as the authors will be able to share with them the results of your work. 

The conference will be held as planned on November 10-13, 2020. For comfortable work of the conference we have planned 2 virtual halls - Hall 1 and Hall 2 for oral presentations. 

To participate in the conference, you will need to make an appointment in the oral presentation Halls. You will need to enter your First and Last Name and e-mail address. Do this before the conference starts.

On our website available a schedule (eage.in.ua) with links to the Halls registration.




After registration, you will receive e-mail with personal links to enter the Halls.

Virtual halls are organized on the basis of Zoom platform. Therefore, to participate in the conference you will need to install this software.

App installation Zoom for windows

Other versions (All platforms)

Here is a good guide to Zoom.

На Русском языке

In English

We also found a good one  инструкцию в Фейсбуке (Russian)

Місце проведення конференції

Інформація про місце проведення конференції

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